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Opening Arguments

Patriot acts

This is, of course, George Bush's fault. If he had not insisted on making 9/11 an excuse to spy on ordinary Americans going about their usual business, thus creating a culture in which the violation of our privacy is accepted as routine, such an outrage would never even have been attempted:

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has determined that the New England Patriots violated league rules Sunday when they videotaped defensive signals by the New York Jets' coaches, according to league sources.

NFL security officials confiscated a camera and videotape from Patriots video assistant Matt Estrella on the New England sidelines when it was suspected he was recording the Jets' defensive signals. Sources say the visual evidence confirmed the suspicion.

First our civil liberties, and now football. Will anything be left of the America we once knew?


A J Bogle
Wed, 09/12/2007 - 5:34pm

Thats a pretty big stretch to go from football signals to domestic spying Leo.

As they say in sports, "if you are not cheating, you are not trying hard enough".

Deciphering the opposing teams signals and plays are as old as sports , and has been part of baseball for example from the get go.

I think the difference here is that technology was used rather than some spotters in the stands.

All a tempest in a teapot IMHO.

Now domestic spying, despite being a complete violation of our 4th amendment and clearly against the ideals of what makes us uniquely American is a completely different matter indeed.