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Opening Arguments


The Bill and Hillary tag team:

Amid the blizzard of résumés blanketing Washington as the Obama era dawns, there is a superbly qualified candidate for full employment whose name has been overlooked. We refer, of course, to William Jefferson Clinton, America's 42nd chief executive and commander in chief. Yet now, by a wonderful combination of circumstances, comes an opportunity to harness his unquestioned political talents to benefit his country, the Democratic Party, New York state and his spouse. If, as is expected, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton becomes secretary of state, New York Gov. David Paterson could send her husband to the U.S. Senate.

[. . .]

Who in his party could question so historic and dazzling a choice? In a stroke, the appointment would provide Sen. Clinton's indefatigable husband with a fitting day job, serve the interests of a state beset by a meltdown in its most vital economic sector and offer a refreshing reverse twist on a tradition whereby deceased male senators, representatives or governors are succeeded by their widows.

We're never going to get rid of them, are we? They ought to winding down about the time Chelsea is ready for her run. Don't forget, women got skipped over for their turn at the White House.

(via Hit & Run)


Sat, 11/29/2008 - 12:34pm

...with permission and consent from the Annointed One. Back-door deals appear to be his specialty.

Next we can look for an amnesty bill sponsored by John McCain.