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Opening Arguments

The peasant protector

Relax, my fearful fellow children of America, Mommy will be president and take care of us:

The New York senator also highlighted a chapter in her book, "It Takes a Village," that talks about every child needing a champion. She said most children have someone in that role and she'd like to fulfill it for the whole country.

"I think the American people need a president who is their champion. And I've been running to be that champion -- to get up every single day and do all that I can to make sure I provide the tools that every single American is entitled to receive and make the most out of their own lives," Clinton said.

I think I would prefer a president who governs according to the rules of the Constitution and acts as an executive faithfully carrying out the duly enacted laws of the land. But we haven't had one of those in my lifetime. I am reminded for some reason of "The Magnificent Seven" and its inspiration, "Seven Samurai." We are just poor, backward peasants who must hock everything we own to bring in the professional gunslingers who can save us from the marauding bandits. That's what government has become. Eli Wallach is coming to get us, and only Hillary can save the day. He does not represent a true outside threat that must be met with force -- that would be one of those consitutional duties. He is symbolic of all those nasty imperfections that come with freedom that can be smoothed out only with the tools government gives us.