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Opening Arguments

In for a penny

So, pennies are a waste and a nuisance, and we shoulbut put out a new one that has some Indiana connection, and it creates traffic jams in Lincoln County as nearly 3,000 people line up to get one. About 630 million of the coins, or $6.3 million worth, will be put into circulation, which means about 625 million will end up on dressers, in jars and behind couch cushions, which still leaves us us five million with which to confuse fast-food window clerks not clear on the whole making-change concept. Actually, we have to infer the coin's Indiana connection. Since it shows Abe sitting on a log and reading a book while taking a wood-splitting break, we can assume that it was not in Kentucky (moved away at age 7) or Illinois (moved there at 21 to pursue indoor activities).

I have to admit the artwork is kinda cool, and it does depict a typical Hoosier scene. I saw something just like it the other day as I passed some roadwork. One man was busy, busy, busy, and several others were, well, taking an obviously needed and well-deserved break. They must have left their books in the truck, though.