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Opening Arguments

Penny pinchers

What paragons of fiscal restraint we have in Washington:

A challenge that President Obama made to his Cabinet in April resulted in cost-cutting measures that more than doubled the original $100 million target, his administration said Monday.

At his first Cabinet meeting, Obama asked Cabinet members to find $100 million in savings in 90 days. The deadline passed last week with no announcement, and the White House responded to reporters that information was being compiled.

The Office of Management and Budget announced the results Monday, saying Cabinet members identified $243 million in savings through the end of next year.

And to think I've been hard on Obama for his profligacy. Imagine -- $243 million saved! If they save that much every single year for the next 4,115 years, they can pay off the current deficit! Then another 4,115 more and Obamacare will be paid for. Then a few thousand more, and the cost of the stimulus package will be repaid. We're on our way to economic sanity at last!


Michael B-P
Wed, 07/29/2009 - 7:22am

I hate to disappoint you, Leo, but that $243MM saved was the result of the cabinet's turning down my proposal for direct deposit of $243MM of stimulus package money into my checking account. Thanks for the update, though. Now I know what happened to my request.