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Opening Arguments

People are strange

So, 18 percent of Americans think Barack Obama is a Muslim, according to a Pew Research Center poll, 34 percent believe he's Christian, and 43 percent say they don't know what his religion is. On the other hand:

To put it all in context however it useful to look at what else a similar percentage of Americans believe. CBS commissioned a poll back 2006 on ghosts and found a full 22% of Americans believe they have seen or felt a ghost while a 48% believe ghosts exist.

A poll by CNN found that 37% of Americans polled believed that aliens have contacted the US government.

“Sixty-four percent of the respondents said that aliens have contacted humans, half said they've abducted humans, and 37 percent said they have contacted the U.S. government.

I bet if we started a rumor that the president is the ghost of a Muslim from another planet, we could do a poll in a couple of weeks finding 15 percent of Americans believe it.


tim zank
Wed, 08/25/2010 - 8:33am

Most people (the 43%) don't know what his relgious "affiliation" is because his weekly Sunday worship routine appears to be limited to "St. Mattress" or the golf course.

Kevin Knuth
Wed, 08/25/2010 - 9:02am

And what was Reagan's Sunday worship routine? He rarely attended church.......

Larry Morris
Wed, 08/25/2010 - 9:19am

Frankly, I don't care what his religious affiliations are - we waste far too much time on something that does us no earthly good - sad to say, I think he just has bad ideas.

tim zank
Wed, 08/25/2010 - 9:19am

Kevin, it doesn't matter what Reagan did on Sundays or what FDR had for lunch on Tuesdays. The question is, why do 43% of the people TODAY not have a clue as to what our CURRENT President's religous beliefs are?

His behavior, obviously. Granted it's all a matter of perception, but that's what counts. The perception is that the "Church Of Obama" is much nearer his heart than anything else.

Kevin Knuth
Wed, 08/25/2010 - 2:33pm

Tim, it does matter.

And I know why 43% of the people today don't know- it is because right wing nuts like yourself keep claiming he is muslim.

oh, the RNC set the record straight this week- "RNC spokesman Doug Heye writes to us:

Kevin Knuth
Wed, 08/25/2010 - 2:34pm

Oh, and I guess you thought it was fine that Reagan went to St. Mattress.......

Susie Q.
Wed, 08/25/2010 - 2:55pm

Leo, for some reason or other, I believe you to be a local treasure...if not possibly a national one. You are puckish...and I LIKE puckish!

tim zank
Wed, 08/25/2010 - 4:17pm

kevin, "Oh, and I guess you thought it was fine that Reagan went to St. Mattress

Lewis Allen
Wed, 08/25/2010 - 9:01pm

Funny, I don't remember a lot of criticism from the right when GW was taking one of his many vacations.

tim zank
Thu, 08/26/2010 - 5:58am

Lewis, why do you and other disciples of Obama always cite someone elses previous behavior as an excuse for Obama's current behavior?

Does the fact that someone before made poor choices somehow validate the making of poor choices again? My kids have used that argument also.

I.E. "Why did you skip school?"

Answer/justification: "Well Justin did it when he was a senior too".

When the leader of the free world makes poor choices, your defense of it is "well Bush did it too"?

Lewis Allen
Thu, 08/26/2010 - 8:37pm

I'm just pointing out the hypocrisy of the right. If you should accuse me of anything, it should be of picking too easy a target.

tim zank
Thu, 08/26/2010 - 8:43pm

The only thing I'd accuse you of is framing a really weak weak argument. Justify his behavior, he's your saviour.

Lewis Allen
Fri, 08/27/2010 - 4:00am

My saviour? Hardly. Nor am I a disciple of his, or anyone else. But in an odd way, you may have a point about the vacation. After all, Obama was coming into a mess, unlike his predecessor.