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Opening Arguments

PETA party

PETA people are usually pretty silly, but, after all, we should show respect for other opinions, right? I'm just sorry I couldn't be in Evansville to offer my support in person:

It's not everyday that two naked women shower together on the sidewalk. Covered only by a banner that was exactly what happened in downtown Evansville Wednesday. Two nude PETA members showered together to show the impact eating meat has on the planet.

There is video, and these are not ugly PETA people. I would even have given up meet for a week a day lunch that day to be able to see the display.

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Michael B-P
Fri, 08/21/2009 - 11:50am

Well, they may have had a good point about the amount of water consumption needed to sustain meat production. But the form of protest was more relevant to a statement about the amount of water used when taking showers as well as the use of opaque shower curtains.