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Opening Arguments

Politics 101

Let's see. Elected officials do things for people, who are grateful, who then vote for those officials again. It's called "constiuent services," and it's pretty much how politics has always worked. Most politicians, though, are smart enough not to leave a paper trail that might be embarrassing to have to explain. (As the great philosopher Chick McGee has observed in a different context, "Take no pictures, put nothing in writing, deny, deny, deny.") There is also, apparently, a legal line one must not cross in providing such services. I don't think we quite have the hang of this corruption business here in Indiana. Maybe we need to have a seminar conducted by an elected official from Chicago or, say, Louisiana.

Posted in: Hoosier lore


Thu, 09/15/2005 - 4:49am

My dad grew up in small town Cajun Louisiana in the 40's and has all sorts of colorful stories....but really, Leo, don't you think that rubbing in the history of Louisiana politics right now is just kicking people while they're down?

Leo Morris
Thu, 09/15/2005 - 7:03am

Yes, probably. I frequently find I'm in danger of going one snide comment too far. But I also think we can't shy away from talking about everything that contributed to the disaster of the disaster relief. Than includes, all you Republicans, parsing the bureaucratic incompetence of the federal government's response. And, Democrats, acknowledging the corruption of local and state politics that contributed to the lack of a good immediate relief effort.