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Opening Arguments

Poor option

Hey, good news, Hoosiers; we can still go to the poor house, as long as we're willing to move to Hendricks County:

Cypress Manor, one of the last county-owned homes to care for the poor in Indiana, won a reprieve today.

The three Hendricks County Commissioners completed months of financial analysis and soul-searching discussions to reach a consensus without an actual vote on whether the historic county home at Danville has become too costly to keep.

"Cypress Manor" has a much nicer ring to it than Golden Years Dropoff, don't you think? I'm surprised the commissioners are keeping the home, though, sin


Bob G.
Thu, 10/15/2009 - 10:01am

A "poor house" that was spared the hangman's noose, due to COST discussions...
Now that HAS to be worth at least a footnote on someone's page of IRONY.

(Golden Years Dropoff...nice one.)