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Opening Arguments

Pop goes the president

Laura Bush as co-host of "Today," fine. Even Cindy McCain co-hosting "The View" and Barack and Michelle Obama hanging out with Rachel Ray, OK. But which is the tacky and tasteless worst -- Presidnet Bush showing up on "Deal or No Deal" or all three presidential candidates taping bits for "WWE Raw"?

Elitism is to the 2008 campaign as communism was to 1950s politics: a career breaker. And pop TV is the antidote, a free platform to rub shoulders with viewers who only glancingly pay attention to the news.

But I want my president -- the leader of the free world -- and his or her spouse to be elite, a cut above the rest of us. We shouldn't mind an occasional nod to the common culture -- Nixon popping up on "Laugh-In," Bill Clinton wowing Arsenio with his sax -- but this is getting ridiculous.


Bob G.
Wed, 04/23/2008 - 8:04am

No one these days even say that a president HAS to be trustworthy, honorable, with morality, ethics and a level of integrity (as you say) a cut above the rest...they only have to be ENTERTAINING.
That's all America (apparently) desires...good OR bad.

Blame it on ADHD...or better yet...global warming!