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Opening Arguments

Power to the people

We've never really had real home rule in Indiana. The state parcels out local control in dribs and drabs. Here's the latest favor they're thinking of granting us:

Indiana's city, town and county governments would be allowed to seek voter approval for exemptions from the state property tax caps under a proposal from Gov. Mitch Daniels' administration.

Lt. Gov. Becky Skillman says local governments should have the same option as school districts for voter referendums for spending plans that would exceed the tax caps that were added to the state constitution in 2010.

I'm certainly not a fan of increased property taxes, but I'm even less enthusiastic about control by a state government that doesn't know local challenges and opportunities. And this proposal gives the flexibility sought by local officials to actual taxpayers more than it does to those officials. If they want more money to spend, they have to make the case to us that it's for something we want or need.