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Opening Arguments

President Kelo

We've arrived at the fifth anniversary of Kelo v. City of New London, the despicable case in which five of nine Supreme Court justices tried to effect the final dismantling of property rights in this country. The drug company Pfizer, beneficiary of other people''s property, never got around to using its ill-gotten gains for its planned facility, and the company even announced it was moving out of New London entirely. Some justice there, at least. And:

 The only upshot of this atrocious decision is the nationwide backlash it sparked against eminent domain abuse, including several successful legal challenges and the passage of eminent domain reform in 43 states.

Maybe we should start calling Barack Obama President Backlash. He's sort of the Kelo of progressivism,  finally taking that movement so far that it scares a backlash out of Americans ordinarily tolerant of politican eccentricities.