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Opening Arguments

profe is in teh puding

I have missed a typo or two in my writing life, and there have been consequences, but usually involving only the derision of friends and the scorn of English teachers. Nothing like this:

WASHINGTON — It was a $100 million mistake, and a federal judge said Friday he doesn't have the power to fix it.

The Justice Department goofed last year and cited the wrong law in a binding plea agreement with telecommunication entrepreneur Walter Anderson, the largest tax scofflaw in U.S. history. That mistake made it impossible for the government to recover between $100 million and $175 million, U.S. District Judge Paul L. Friedman said in March.

Prosecutors urged him to reconsider but Friedman reluctantly said Friday that he could not.

So be carfule with your're posts, tak that lsat step and do teh profreeding.


Bob G.
Mon, 06/18/2007 - 6:08am

LMAO.....that is so damn funny. Love it!