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Opening Arguments

A proud tradition

It's good to see that Indiana journalism is capable of upholding the high standards set nearly 30 years ago by the Dacron, Ohio, Republican-Democrat, which informed its readers that "Two Dacron women feared missing in volcanic diaster" and, oh, yes, "Japan destroyed." From the Aug. 18 Indianapolis Star: "Indiana College professors survive devastating Peru earthquake."


Barry Wiggins
Mon, 08/20/2007 - 8:37am

That phenomenon is fairly common. I recall seeing, in a wrap-up of global coverage of 9/11, an English-language paper from the Middle East (I'll say Qatar, but it might have been Kuwait)that head-lined the days events something like:

(in a large, bold font):

13 Qataris Missing

and then below, in smaller, lighter font:

5,000 feared dead

I wasn't offended. OK, I guess it's a little tacky to be so blatant about it, but it's the most common & natural thing in the world, too. I care more about Americans than I care about Canadians--just as I care more about my family members than about the people across the street--and I expect others to feel similarly.