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Opening Arguments


Sen. Bayh is back from overseas, and I hope he takes better care of himself than Rep. McHugh:

In fact, an aide for the senator disclosed at 3 p.m. Monday that the news conference would be postponed. The reason, the aide said, was that one of Mrs. Clinton's companions on the trip, Representative John McHugh, took ill during a stop in Germany and stayed behind to recover while she and Senator Evan Bayh of Indiana, the third member of the delegation, flew back to Washington on Monday.

If he misses the signs, Bayh is likely to fall victim to the insidious PTSS, politicians' travel stress syndrome. Early symptoms include the urge to hold press conferences, a need to conduct committee hearings in order to address critical problems, and the desire to spend billions of dollars, followed by an irresistible compulsion to run for president. If it goes on too long, there is no choice but to call in the political experts, who, interestingly enough, all give the same advice: Take two polls and call me in six years.


Bob G.
Wed, 01/17/2007 - 6:33am

Now that's perfect....you should have been a clinician, Leo!


Steve Towsley
Wed, 01/17/2007 - 2:45pm

Has it crossed anyone's mind that Hillary might have been eyeing Bayh for potential on her '08 ticket?