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Opening Arguments

Quick, after those goats!

Words from the not so wise:

Among the gems from this year's undergraduate exams are an economics student at City University in London student who attributed Northern Rock's downfall to the "laxative enforcement policies".

In literature, a student from Bath Spa University wrote of Margaret Atwood's book: "The Handmaid's Tale shows how patriarchy treats women as escape goats."

A University of Southampton student concerned by global warming wrote that: "Tackling climate change will require an unpresidented response."

And a fellow undergraduate concerned by the threat of diseases, wrote: "Control of infectious diseases is very important in case an academic breaks out."

They have all been entered in the Truer than Intended section of the Times Higher Education's revived "exam howlers" competition.

We can shrug off the others, but I think we'd be foolish not to be concerned about academics breaking out.