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Opening Arguments

Quick, call Erik Estrada!

Ah, family togetherness. Off-duty Muncie police officer Chris Kirby was waiting in Wal-Mart's customer service line with his wife and daughter when he had an encounter with Edward R. Pluhar Jr., 26, of Frankfort, and his father, 61-year-old Edward R. Pluhar Sr. According to police reports, Pluhar Jr. cut in front of officer Kirby, and Kirby told him to wait his turn, but the man refused. Let us consult the Muncie Star Press for the continuation of the story:

The elder Pluhar then allegedly approached the off-duty officer, told him to mind his own business and asked whether Kirby wanted to take the dispute outside.

When Kirby asked Pluhar Sr. what his intentions were, the Frankfort man purportedly said he would kick Kirby's posterior and also suggested he might shoot him.

Kirby then informed the father and son that he was a police officer and called emergency dispatchers to send an on-duty officer to the scene.

The Pluhars then left the store, at 4801 W. Clara Lane, with Kirby following them to the parking lot and then standing behind their van as they attempted to leave.

So the van hit the officer's leg, and Junior now faces battery charges, and the old man is charged with intimidation and criminal recklessness with a vehicle. Bet they'll be telling stories about this at the trailer park for many Thanksgivings to come!

(The main reason I posted on this story was because I wanted to use the phrase "battery charges." For some reason, nobody else thinks this is nearly as amusing as I do, and I just wanted to give you all one more chance to get with the program.)