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Opening Arguments

In the race

The Indianapolis Star's Matthew Tully is tired of the will he run/won't he run coyness about Mitch Daniels and the presidency and believes the evidence is pretty clear that he is running:

Daniels, of course, insists he has only cracked open the door to a run, and that he's done that only to appease his supporters. Time and again, he has said he is not running.

But he is.

He's running for president on the op-ed pages of The Wall Street Journal and in the studios of Fox News. He's running for president during political appearances from Mississippi to Ohio. And he's running for president every time he inserts himself into the national political debate.

At this point, the only things missing are a book detailing his "vision for America" and those trips to Iowa and New Hampshire we know will eventually come.

Daniels certainly isn't acting like someone who plans to sit on the front porch whittling after his term as governor ends, and his "Aw, shucks, I'm just leaving the possibility open" routine is sounding more and more like a big tease.


Tue, 09/14/2010 - 3:18pm

Life isn't fair, obviously, or I would have won the lottery by now. But a guy who's about 5-foot-3 isn't going to win an election against a guy who's over 6 feet tall.
I don't know why voters prefer the taller candidate, but they clearly do. Jimmy Carter and G.W. Bush beat taller candidates, but nobody considers their presidencies successful. And they're the rare exceptions.
I'm not griping - I'm 6-foot-3 - but it does seem unfair. Nobody can help how tall he is.