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Opening Arguments

A real reach

I can appreciate Evan Bayh's desire to reach out to Republicans, but he picked the wrong issue:

PORTSMOUTH, N.H. --Democrats need to reach out to voters of all parties and persuade them of the left's strengths on national security, Indiana Sen. Evan Bayh told a gathering of young Democrats on Sunday.

The truth of the matter is they (Republicans) have been a heck of a lot better at national security politics than national security policy," said Bayh, who is exploring a possible run for the Democratic presidential nomination.

As many mistakes as George Bush has made on foreign policy, he still takes national security seriously. I haven't trusted the Democrats on that issue in a long time and still don't. On the other hand, if Bush would veto a bill once in a while and stop coming up with big, new, expensive domestic programs, maybe, he, too, could reach out to Republicans.


Mike Kole
Wed, 03/29/2006 - 5:56am

As it happens, Mitch Daniels did not veto a single bill to come out of the legislature this year, either. While Daniels isn't coming up with huge programs on the order of the prescription drug program, nor is he keeping the layers of bureaucracy from increasing. Maybe Mitch could start reaching out to Republicans and fiscal conservatives, too.