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Opening Arguments

The real threat

Never mind those pesky hordes of illegal Mexicans. America seems in danger of being overwhelmed by . . . the Amish:

LANCASTER, Pa. - The Amish are expanding their presence in states far beyond Pennsylvania Dutch country as they search for affordable farmland to accommodate a population that has nearly doubled in the past 16 years, a new study found.

States such as Missouri, Kentucky and Minnesota have seen increases in their Amish populations of more than 130 percent. The Amish now number an estimated 227,000 nationwide, up from 123,000 in 1992, according to researchers from Elizabethtown College's Young Center for Anabaptist and Pietist Studies.

Over the same period, Amish settlements have been established in seven new states, putting them in at least 28 states from coast to coast.

An increase of more than 130 percent! Isn't that alarming? If the Amish reach critical mass, who knows how America might change? We'll all have to give up electricity and ride around in horse-drawn carriages and bulid our own barns, turning our backs on all 21st century progress.

Oh, wait. That would be good for global warming. Never mind.

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Larry Morris
Thu, 08/21/2008 - 8:15am

As gas and electricity get more and more expensive, we may be there anyway - with or without the Amish, ...

Bob G.
Thu, 08/21/2008 - 12:19pm

"Throw the horse over the fence some hay."
See? I'm already practicing...AND I like their APPLE BUTTER!
(Just wondering how I should hitch a 'team" up to the old Firebird when the gas runs out???)
I say...
Bring 'em all on...besides, I could use some GOOD neighbors for a change!

(aka Hezekiah...sounds about right)