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Opening Arguments

Reality bites

State Sen. Sue Errington gets mugged in Indianapolis and, though she says it will make fighting crime a personal issue, refuses to think bad thoughts about the capital city:

Asked if she now sees Indianapolis as an unsafe city, Errington said: "I think this could have happened to anybody, anywhere. It just happened to be me. I don't think it's Indianapolis. In fact, I've always thought of Indianapolis as a safe city."

Actually, it probably wouldn't happen in Errington's district --  in Muncie, where officials are smart enough to know that crime cannot be fought by mere police officers without the help of third-tier celebrities. I couldn't quite bring myself to watch the premiere of "Armed and Famous"; apparently I missed a cultural milestone:

Unfortunately, it is real boring. It may be as boring as life in Muncie, Ind., the area of 67,000 people that apparently considers this show good publicity.

Good move, Muncie. You've certainly made the rest of the nation pay attention to Indiana. Ooh, ooh -- I have an idea for a reality show. We'll get people to put themselves up for public office, have them list their qualifications, make speeches, even debate each other on the issues. Then, we'll let ordinary Americans choose which ones win and actually get to serve.

Oh, wait. We already do that, and nobody pays attention. Never mind.

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