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Opening Arguments

Revolution 2.0

In the "gadgets keep getting cooler" department, note this trend to watch:

Just a couple of years ago, Americans were lusting after the 3G cellphones that had been delivering broadband-like speed to the pockets of Asians and Europeans for years. Well, now we have them, and you know what? They just aren't fast enough for us. That's why we can't wait for WiMAX—the most prominent 4G tech on the horizon. Sprint recently told PM it has set the wheels in motion to build a nationwide network before long, and it can't come soon enough.

With WiMAX, manufacturers can stuff the ability to send and receive massive amounts of data into just about any gadget. In addition to always-on, high-speed Internet on your laptop and phone, this kind of networking opens up the floodgates to a slew of far more creative possibilities. Imagine a camcorder with the ability to broadcast video to a TV station or Web site live from anywhere—without having to even plug it in. Just think about the possibilities of a pocket-size PC (Intel is expected to be behind a number of such products in the coming year) that can access the entire Internet at Ethernet-like speeds—from anywhere. It will be costly for companies to build up the WiMax network infrastructure, but if they do it right, this could change everything.

Bloggers, pay attention: Pocket-size PCs and camcorders that can broadcast live to a Web site from anywhere wirelessly. This really would open up news events to an army of citizen journalists.

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Bob G.
Mon, 01/07/2008 - 11:09am

That's all well and good, but somehow lining the pockets of ALL these marketing gurus and CEOs isn't making me all that warm and fuzzy whenever they unveil some new "gadget" they claim I "must have".

I usually HAVE to have it anyway, because they take away all the former things we used to have that worked well enough and cost us less.

I'm not anti-tech...just anti-emptying my wallet every other week.

Makes me wonder what the western movement would have been like in this nation, if everyone had a cellphone, Blackberry, iPod, Wifi, Blutooth, laptop, Blu-ray and GPS* (*would have helped the Donner party to NO end) instead of a horse, a compass, a shotgun, and a bible?

((We might not have gotten that far beyond Kansas, but wow...look at ALL those cool PICTURES!!!))



Leo Morris
Mon, 01/07/2008 - 11:15am

"Hello, yes, this is Gen. Custer. Could you please zero in on my GPS chip and send some reinforcements? I seem to have made a slight miscaluculation."