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Opening Arguments

RIP, William F. Buckley

One of the good guys is gone:

William F. Buckley Jr., a conservative icon and public intellectual, died today at the age of 82, The New York Times and Associated Press report.

I first started watching "Firing Line" when I was in high school. I really wasn't that interested in the political arguments but in improving my vocabulary. On each show, Buckley would use at least two or three words that sent me to the dictionary. Later on, of course, I learned to appreciate his reasoning ability and rhetorical skills. It was impossible to just disagree with Buckley -- he brought so much to a debate that opponents had to respond with their best. He was one of the few people called an intellectual who actually deserved the label.

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Wed, 02/27/2008 - 1:01pm

Can we look forward to a Tim Goeglein column on his personal friendship with the man? Fingers crossed!

Bob G.
Wed, 02/27/2008 - 2:40pm

You and I feel much the same about Buckley. I couldn't agree more.
The sheer command of the English language he possessed was astounding.

Yet, he DID get us into those dictionaries...lol!

That's one man that could tell someone to go to hell in such a way, that they ACTUALLY WOULD ENJOY the ride!

I think we shall never see a person of his caliber for quite some time.


A J Bogle
Wed, 02/27/2008 - 9:40pm

Even I was a fan of Buckley's and read some of his books. rarely missed Firing Line.

While I did not always agree with him, I did find much in common with his true conservativism, not the bogus neo consertvatism that characterises much of todays right - Buckley appalled that brand of pseudo conservatism

He could debate a topic without getting nasty or personal either - some of his best friends (and frequent guests of his show) were noted liberals such as Galbraith and McGovern they could diagree without being disagreeable, and appreciate an respect each others opinions

Wed, 02/27/2008 - 9:45pm

Nancy ...

Tim Goeglein has already written a to Mr. Buckley which fits well with those honoring one of America's leading conservatives today. This from Tim's speech at WFB's 80th birthday in November 2005.

"Bill Buckley has given

Wed, 02/27/2008 - 10:07pm

Fri, 02/29/2008 - 10:45am

The posthumous tribute doesn't look like Hemingway. It looks like the work of another writer. Verbatim. See nancynall.com. And Romenesko later today, I'll bet.