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Opening Arguments


Why do people who generally take care with most dangers get so stupid around the water?

Indiana authorities say two teenage boys are presumed dead after they were swept away by strong currents in Lake Michigan.

The boys ages were swimming with one teen's father and another man in an area without lifeguards near a Michigan City pier when they were pulled into the choppy water Sunday afternoon.

[. . .]

A rip current warning had been issued for the area and red warning flags were flying.

An area without lifeguards in a lake notorious for strong currents on a day with red warning flags: They couldn't have done things more wrong. The two teens were 14 and 17, so their lack of judgment can at least be understood. But what in the world were the two adults with them thinking? Because I never learned to swim, I start to panic he water if I'm wading in water and it gets as high as my knees. Whenever I waded on the shores of Lake Michigan during the eight years I lived near it, the panic would start about ankle-high.