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Opening Arguments

Road working the polls

This Richmond Palladium-Item editorial goes a little overboard on Pat Bauer-bashing (without even mentioning his toupee!), but I think it gets one thing right. Democrats who think Hoosiers' disapproval of the Indiana Toll Road lease (60 percent in the last poll I saw) will lead to their return to majority status in the state are being shortsighted, which is just this side of delusional. Once it begins to sink in how many major, long-awaited road projects this will fund (like Fort to Port in this part of the state), I suspect public opinion will change rather dramatically.

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Mike Sylvester
Thu, 03/23/2006 - 5:32am

I do not think that will be the case Leo.

I have been talking to a lot of people on the north side of Fort Wayne and they are not happy with "Major Moves." Most of the people I have been talking to are Republicans (Almost everyone in my neighborhood is a Republican).

I agree with your statement that as projects get done people will warm to the idea; but, I do not think they will warm very much.

I think construction workers will be happy with the results since a lot of the money generated will go to them...

The Toll Road workers are going to be very angry and the northern counties are not going to warm to the project at all... The cost to The Republicans will mainly be in the northern counties...

Fort Wayne Insight is run by Jeff Fraser. As you know he is the head of The Teenage Republican Party. Jeff loves Major Moves and he put a poll on his blog about Major Moves... I expect most of the readers of Jeff's blogs are Republicans and High School students.

In his non-scientific poll 63% are against "Major Moves" and 37% are for it...

Mike Sylvester

Steve Towsley
Thu, 03/23/2006 - 6:10pm

If they had asked one more question -- Is your dissatisfaction with your current government great enough that you may vote Democratic next time? -- I think you'd find the imagined benefits to liberals are much smaller than they think, at both the state and federal levels.

Disagreeing with one's leadership on a few decisions hardly equals rejection of one's bedrock values for another ideology. The majority of folks who know what they believe in are more likely to vote for a candidate of similar ideology who they believe will do a better job of representing their unchanging core values.

The Democrats' problem is not the person in the office, it's the values in the voter.