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Opening Arguments


Omigod, I can't believe it, the day has finally arrived. Sit down, folks, and take a deep breath -- don't say I didn't warn you -- because this -- squeal! -- is Square Root Day!

Redwood City teacher Ron Gordon is searching for the most unique idea which includes the most participants celebrating Square Root Day — 03/03/09, better known as today. Feb. 2, 2004, or 02/02/04, was the last such day. It will not occur again for seven years, one month and one day on 04/04/16.

Being square can be fun, Gordon explained. “In October, I'll turn 8 squared. And that doesn't even sound that bad. Take the federal stimulus at $787 billion. That's about $887,130 squared. That sounds manageable,” he said.

The rules are simple: Be safe, be clever, have friends root for you, have fun, think square, and of course, be square. Winners are participating for a shared prize of $339.

Some ideas for celebration include drinking root beer in square mugs, rooting for the underdog, eating a square meal or square dancing. 

Whew, how exhausting! Thank goodness we've got seven years to recover before the next one. Oh, and don't forget to celebrate Pi Day on March 14. If you walk around in circles before that day, it doesn't really count.

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Jim Wetzel
Tue, 03/03/2009 - 4:59pm

"Take the federal stimulus at $787 billion. That