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Opening Arguments

Rude awakening

Purdue graduate Nick Enlo can't get a job, so he's resorting to an eBay stunt -- putting his diploma on sale for $36,000, the amount he still owes in student loans -- as a way to start an important debate get attention:

Going to college made my life worse," Enlow said Wednesday from near Jacksonville, Fla., where he lives. "That is something that I don't keep to myself. I tell everyone."

His line of thinking isn't the kind that Purdue officials find amusing, nor are they too keen on the auction itself.

But Enlow, 29, said he considers himself stuck in indentured servitude to Sallie Mae, his lender, because he is unable to get a decent-paying job with his current degrees to start paying a $470 monthly student loan bill.

 [. . .]

The universities are handing out too many degrees that have zero real-world application," Enlow said. "It seems to me, almost any major in the humanities or liberal arts will not gain you employment with a bachelor's degree."

Enlow admits to not having a clear post-college career path. During school he fell in love with learning -- reading classics and learning history -- and he assumed that after earning a diploma a job would come easily.

Oh, yeah, I'd hire this 29-year-old, "in love with learning" whiner in a heartbeat. Who, exactly, decided that Enlow should get a degree in psychology, the one that earned him the Purdue diploma? Why, yes, he did. He decided not to sell the diploma he got for a philosophy degree from IU, showing that his judgment skill isn't about to change soon.

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Bob G.
Fri, 05/28/2010 - 9:45am

Guess one one ever advised Mr. Enlow that the FIRST job after getting out of college was LOOKING for and FINDING that FIRST job.
He's under the misconception that jobs come looking for YOU...HAHAHAHAAAAaaaaa...
That's funny...

(reality check...oh, yeah. He needs one)

tim zank
Fri, 05/28/2010 - 10:25am

It's gonna take a couple of cycles to shake the current population of losers that came from the "Everybody Is A Winner" class.

Yeah, call me an old fuddy duddy, but we've got a whole generation of morons out there that have been trained since pre-school to believe they are entitled to everything and the government is their parents.

This is what ya get when everybody gets a trophy just for being on the face of the earth.

If only we'd given the schools more funding!

Fri, 05/28/2010 - 12:28pm

...or asshole business owners could give people a chance rather than assuming that a liberal arts degreed doesn't qualify.