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Opening Arguments

Same old change

"We've got phoney-baloney jobs up the ying-yang, say America's mayors! All we need is the money to pay for them!" Nick Gillespie on Barack Obama's tired, old change:

When the history of this awful moment of bailout hysteria is written, there'll be a chapter or 20 on the complete bogosity of what might call "the infrastructure flim-flam"—the idea that government can boostrap the economy out its funk by hiring two guys to dig a hole and a couple more to fill it in.

Don't you see? It's the perfect plan!, as Batman's Riddler might exclaim. In fact, one only wonders why they don't hire three guys to fill the holes, thereby cutting unemployment to negative-something.

Then again, taxing Peter to pay Paul to build a parking deck with solar panels for Mary just might not be the sort of economic activity that, you know, accomplishes anything other than creating even more inefficient and generally non-productive public-sector spending with a major administrative dead-weight loss on the top.

He's fghting a lost cause, though. When the country is in full-panic mode, it's the perfect time for such Keynesian flim-flam. People who once flinched at "billions" n