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Opening Arguments

Sanity returning by degrees

What? No cut-rate college education for illegal immigrants? Goodness -- if we aren't careful, they might start getting the idea they aren't supposed to be here:

Some states are making it harder for illegal immigrants to attend college by denying in-state tuition benefits or banning undocumented students.

In the past two years, Arizona, Colorado, Georgia and Oklahoma have refused in-state tuition benefits to students who entered the USA illegally with their parents but grew up and went to school in the state. That represents a reversal from earlier this decade, when 10 states passed laws allowing in-state rates for such students.

And believe it or not, some universities are even kicking the illegal immigrants out altogether. The humanity!


Mon, 07/07/2008 - 10:08pm

My conservative bent makes me see things as (excuse the expression) "black or white."

There is no issue here. Title 8 of the US Code makes it illegal to enter and live in this country without prescribed paperwork approved by the Immigration and Naturalization agency.

Therefore, illegal and undocumented aliens are criminals. Employers, private citizens, governmental agencies and do-gooder organizations who conspire to aid and abet the illegal aliens are also criminals.

Illegals have no rights. We need to arrest them, prosecute them and deport them.

Let me head off the argument about "unintended consequences." If we want higher employment of our citizenry, we have to stop employing illegals.

Oklahoma passed a law effectve 11/1/07 to block illegal employment and aid. The law has been so effective that the state's Unemployment Rate has dropped. A bill is in process to reduce UC charges to employers. An estimated 50,000 illegals have left the state.

Harl Delos
Tue, 07/08/2008 - 3:30am

My conservative bent makes me see things as (excuse the expression)