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Opening Arguments

Schools of thought

Cartoonists tend to be liberal. Henry Payne, who appears on our pages, is one of the handful of conservative ones. Here's his take on the Kagan nomination.


Tue, 06/01/2010 - 2:48pm

Well, a counterargument might be that we want the best and the brightest on the Supreme Court, and in this country that generally means the Ivy League (Although, of course I get the ivory-tower suggestion).
This is a little touchier, but does it bother anyone that the court will soon consist of three Jews and six Catholics? Shouldn't the Catholics recuse themselves from any decision regarding abortion? After all, the "wrong" decision could literally get them excommunicated. I'd like to see a few Protestants and secularists on the court. And yes, I'm aware of Article 6 and the "no religious test" bit, but the Founders couldn't have foreseen the change in Catholic dogma regarding abortion.