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Opening Arguments

Screwed again

Still paying off a building after it's torn down. Only government would have the audacity to do something so breathtakingly irrsponsible:

INDIANAPOLIS -- Indianapolis leaders on Wednesday did what a homeowner could never legally do -- demolish a building while the mortgage is still unpaid.


The original debt for the RCA Dome, which had its roof deflated Wednesday -- a precursor to demolition -- not only hasn't been paid off, it's 50 percent bigger than when the dome was built, 6News' Norman Cox reported.

[. . .]

At that point, the debt climbed to $73 million. Since then, about $4 million has been paid off, leaving the taxpayers' tab for a building that soon will be demolished at $69 million.

At least Memorial Stadium waqs paid for -- barely -- before it was abandoned. No irresponsible government here!


Bob G.
Thu, 09/25/2008 - 8:22am