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Opening Arguments

Second-chance time?

Tony Dungy is a trusting soul:

It might be time to give fallen NFL star Michael Vick a second chance, says Tony Dungy, former coach of the Indianapolis Colts. Dungy has been giving Vick advice about his future since he paid a visit to the former quarterback in prison.

[. . .]

"I dealt with ....young men who did things that you and I would never do," Dungy says. The important distinction in this case, he says, is that Vick now realizes what he did was wrong.

This is one of those "can you separate the dancer from the dance" questions. It should be possible to appreciate John Wayne in "The Searchers" or Jane Fonda in "Klute," whatever you think of their politics. Wagner may have been an anti-semitic jerk, but his music is still enjoyable. I don't honestly know whether I could just watch Vick on the field and admire his athleticism or whether I'd always be thinking, "that's the guy with the dogs." I'm ambivalent about Pete Rose and the Hall of Fame, too.

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