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Opening Arguments

Seeds of freedom

Inch by inch, row by row. You usually hear that sentiment about peace and love and nurturing Mother Earth and all the other stuff that romantics think you can just feel into existence. But it also applies to the stuff that's hard work, such as planting the seeds of freedom in the Mideast. They now have a taste of democracy in Egypt. Never mind that the rulers allowed an election for their own reasons and that the outcome was never in doubt. When you let people start entertaining an idea:

"If only 10 percent of the people go and vote, I will be very happy," Ashraf al Wahdi, a laborer from the poor port town of Al Arish, said before the poll. "And if 20 percent of the people say no to Mubarak, he will have to change. He will know there are people out there who don't agree with him."

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