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Opening Arguments

Sex and violence

The "indecency" police have usually gone after sex and mostly left the violence alone. That may be about to change:

An upcoming FCC report recommending steps that Congress can take to regulate television violence has sharply divided the agency's five members.

Multiple sources said Republican Chairman Kevin Martin and Democratic Commissioner Michael Copps, who are spearheading the crackdown on graphic scenes, had approved the latest version of the report.

In Indianapolis, meanwhile, Mayor Bart Peterson is going to host a "national summit" on media violence:

Peterson, who is president of the National League of Cities, announced Indianapolis will host an NLC summit next month, designed to educate other city leaders on what kids are being exposed to.

"I'm not suggesting this is the answer, or even a major piece of the answer, because what we're really talking about is educating people. We're not talking about banning things," Peterson said.

The summit will feature speakers from the entertainment industry, video game industry and experts on how violent images translate into actual violence.

I don't know why it is, but most of the people who get apoplectic about sex in the media tend not to worry so much about violence, and those who decry violence have tended to be silent about sex. Most of what I've read leads me to believe a better case can be made for the harmful effects of violence (the numbing effect of oversaturation).


Steve Towsley
Tue, 04/03/2007 - 11:58am

Which reminds me, the new season of a favorite TV show, "The Shield," begins tonight. Now there's an adult swim for you. Parents, read up on your v-chips, but leave my Shield alone...

tim zank
Tue, 04/03/2007 - 4:07pm

Steve, amen on the shield!!

This season no-one rests in peace!!!

Tue, 04/03/2007 - 5:10pm

sex and violence-
beat your wife (only if she wants you to)
or let her beat you-only if you want her to.
kink.com harmless role-playing

but torture is ok. ask "w", dick, donald, and the rest of the spooks on your nickel.
beat your fellow man in war, just dont "love" your fellow man?

Are all you christiofascists listening?

And they said Sergio Leone movies were gratuitously violent. back then..