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Opening Arguments

Shocked, shocked!

As they sometimes do, Indiana legislators are stumbling to the end of a session with much major legislation still unresolved. A lot of things will be done in the last few days. Legislators in the past have passed complicated bills it is later clear they haven't completely absorbed. Think they might do it again? Consider the example from New Jersey:

State senators from both political parties said at a hearing on Wednesday that they had been shocked to learn that they had voted again and again in recent years for measures that had left the state pension in great distress, and they faulted the state treasury for failing to explain to them the risks of what they were doing.

“I had no idea we were in the company of some of the same corporations that I have condemned for not funding their pensions,” said Senator Shirley K. Turner, a Democrat from Mercer County. “And now, it seems, we're in the same boat, and sinking.”

Of course, whether they understand it or not, we have to live with it.