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Opening Arguments

Shooting on empty

Gun enthusiasts seem to be, um, shooting themselves in the foot. Apparently worried about the future availability of ammunition under a not-so-gun-friendly Obama administration, they are rushing out to buy said ammunition, driving up the price and, ironically, creating the very shortage they feared. This is having an adverse affect on police departments:

Officer Knoll said as the demand rises for ammo, so does the price.

"We were paying $180 to $200 a case for 1,000 rounds of ammunition and now we are paying $289," said Knoll.

To preserve ammunition but still train officers effectively, EPD relies on alternatives to bullets.

"We use simunition which is like a paintball. We also use a .22 caliber conversion kit," Knoll said. "Take a duty round that shoots .45 caliber and replaces it with the .22 and it is a lot cheaper.

Ah, good old supply & demand. Works every time. Maybe ya'll ought to slow down just a tad. I'm not sure how safe we are from the bad guys if police are training with paintball guns.


Bob G.
Wed, 05/06/2009 - 10:10am

It beats the hell out of using LIVE ammo on one another...
(think about it)

Betcha Larry could get on board with THAT logic.

I just use paintballs to "tag" boomcar drivers, constantly barking dogs, and kids that don't know HOW to stay off my lawn...

But hey, I'm always up for a friendly game with the FWPD of "cops and robbers" - paintball style.
(Might even be able to teach someone something too)