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Opening Arguments

To the shores of Indy

Remember when Toledo's mayor freaked out about Marines training there and canceled the invitation because the city's residents might be a'skert of all those soldiers running around downtown? Indianapolis' mayor shows a little more class

:The Marines will land for two weeks of situational training. The expeditionary force of 2,300 troops will fire weapons, conduct patrols and react to ambushes in an unfamiliar urban environment.  

"I think it's very good training for them. Actually, city fighting, urban fighting is really the most dangerous type of fighting there is," said Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard, a former Marine. "When you bang down a door

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Bob G.
Wed, 05/28/2008 - 11:25am

Hell, I'm sure Phil Marx and I would LOVE to see something like that in OUR neighborhoods (I'd even supply some REAL meals for those Devil Dogs in case the MRE thing gets boring)!

Yes, we DO dream down here...still.