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Opening Arguments

Shut up, or everbody will want one

A lot of people will be making fun of this family, but can you imagine the anguish, the trauma, the sheer horror: "The suit said until the incident, green beans had been the Douglass family's favorite vegetable. Now, it said, 'they have lost the desire to ever eat green beans again.' " That ought to be worth at least a million bucks.

And I know what it's like to find foreign objects in my food. I sat down to a nice meal once and discovered someone had snuck some vegetables in it. I have lost the desire to ever eat grasshoppers again. (If you still have a taste for the dish, make sure they take the heads off; if you think it's disconcerting to have beady little fish eyes looking up at you, well . . .)

I hate to break it to the Douglasses (and to some of you), but we eat a lot more insect parts than we think we do, because food tends to grow in, you know, the outdoors.


Sat, 08/06/2005 - 4:58pm

These poor people, can't eat green beans ever again and it was their FAVORITE. Was listening to the afternoon local talk show on WOWO yesterday afternoon and someone called in who worked in the food industry. He said they'd win, had a very good case. Lots of people wouldn't think to sue, they'd make note of it and maybe contact the manufacturer but maybe that would be because green beans weren't their favorite vegetables.