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Opening Arguments

Sign of the times

Talk about a misleading headline -- "Region casinos post better March":

Northwest Indiana's five casinos enjoyed a healthier March, but there still remains no reason to celebrate.

The Indiana Gaming Commission reported Tuesday that Indiana's casinos brought in $224.1 million in revenue last month, or 11 percent less than the $252 million brought in during March of last year. March 2008's revenues were even less than the $230 million brought in during March 2006.

[. . .]

Indiana isn't the only one suffering, Feigenbaum added: Illinois' casinos are down 20 percent over this time last year. The St. Louis-based boats were hit particularly hard, he said.

Maybe this is a sign we really might be heading to a recession. Nice to know a weakening economy can make even a few people temporarily stop throwing their money away.

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