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Opening Arguments

Silly season

Why was Mark Souder so mad? 

Not everyone picked sides. Rep. Mark Souder (R-Ind.) was ticked at everyone. He condemned the sport's owners and players.

"The wall of silence coming out of baseball is disgusting," he said, adding it couldn't be trusted to do its own testing.

Part of me thinks this is awfully sily stuff for Congress to be messing with. On the other hand, if it will keep them away from any more bipartisan mischief, like handing out money they don't have, then bring it on.


A J Bogle
Thu, 02/14/2008 - 12:47pm

How does this bozo Souder keep getting reelected in the first place?

Larry Morris
Thu, 02/14/2008 - 2:32pm

Oh, please, ... based on our contempt for what Congress ISN'T doing, how do ANY of them keep getting re-elected, ...

Thu, 02/14/2008 - 7:29pm

What we have here is bi-partisan bullshhht. We have MLB and Bud Selig commissioning George Mitchell, former Clinton Conspirator, to compile a "he said, she said, I said" document on baseball players use of steriods which ended up having more accusations than proof.

Not to be outdone by MLB, our second Clinton Conspirator , Henry