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Opening Arguments

Silly wabbit

OK, go south on I-69, then take the first exit after the bunny . . .

A 45-foot tall, three-dimensional replica of the Nestlé NesQuik rabbit leaning against a 40-foot-tall glass of chocolate milk might be the signature mark of Anderson.

The Anderson Plan Commission approved an ordinance Tuesday that would enable large companies, such as Nestlé, to use icon signage in the city, the Herald-Bulletin reports.

Nestlé was the first to make such a request, wanting the structure along Interstate 69.

I know I can come across as an "anything for economic development" type, but this one gives even me pause. Having a bunch of cartoon replicas along the road could liven up I-69  (a potentially deadly boring sretch of road), but this seems just too silly for words.

Posted in: Hoosier lore