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Opening Arguments

Silver lining

People are still going to the movies despite the economy, and perhaps in large part because of the economy:

"I have four children and it's the cheapest thing around," said Laurie Furrer.

[. . .]

If we were going to go to something like the zoo, I would probably spend $50-60 and I've only spent $25 here with myself and four children," Furrer said.

[. . .]

There's also a noticeable trend in the types of movies people are choosing to see these days. Moviegoers are steering clear of dramas and picking flicks that take their minds off their worries - at least for an hour or two.

"That's why I'm watching a comedy. To make me laugh," Harwell said.

So, "Sullivan's Travels," still true and still relevant 68 years later. That Preston Sturges movie tells the story of "Sully," a Hollywood director during the Great Depression who has made a lot of money and become famous for making a bunch of lightweight comedies. He wants to do a "serious" film that shows the tragedy of the human condition. But he's persuaded to stay with comedies after being mistakenly thrown into a prison work camp (it's a complicated movie) and sees the prisoners, who have had everything taken away from them, laughing uncontrollably at a cartoon on movie night. More uplifting stuff, less pretentious crap. Heck of a silver lini