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Opening Arguments

The simple life

Some people will read about this "simple" man and think, "What a beautiful life." Others will wonder how someone could be such a loner for so long:

A Bloomington man who died last year at age 100, never married or had children, lived simply and supported himself by caring for other people's lawns and property has left his entire $650,000 estate to Indiana University's Hilltop Garden and Nature Center.

[. . .]

Archer worked for many years for Bloomington resident Edwin Cohen, the executor of his estate.

"George tended our yard. He appeared to be very poor. He drove a decrepit pickup truck and wore tattered work clothes. He lived in a mobile home that was several cuts below substandard," Cohen remembered. "Yet my wife and I admired George as an able and dependable helper who neither drank, smoked, cursed or gambled.

Hmmm. No spouse. No drinking or smoking or gambling. Drove a battered old truck and lived in a substandard trailer.

So that's where all my money went.

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larry morris
Tue, 06/03/2008 - 4:49pm

And, ... if that's what it takes to live to be a hundred, not sure I'll be there.