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Opening Arguments

Slow walk to hell

While many of us on the right are angry that President Obama is taking this country to hell in a handbasket, Prof. Kevin Howley of Depauw University is here to remind us that many on the left are unhappy that the journey is taking so darn long:

"On any number of issues -- the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, health care, climate change, civil liberties, Wall Street bailouts, warrantless wiretaps, illegal detentions and the use of private contractors in military operations -- (Barack) Obama has squandered his considerable political capital to change American politics and society. For a great many his supporters, Obama's presidency is the story of opportunities lost."

According to Howley, the problem isn't so much that Obama "betrayed his supporters." It's that Obama's "rhetoric of change lacked any real specifics." Geez, we could have told him that months and months ago. Come to think of it, we did.