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Opening Arguments

Smoke break

We all know that the embassies of other countries are considered sovereign territory, where the laws of the other country rather than U.S. laws apply. Apparenly, some think that's true for county-operated space as well:

About 10 complaints have been made relating to smoking inside offices at the Clark County Government Building over the last several months, according to Andi Hannah, coordinator for the Clark County Tobacco Prevention and Cessation Coalition.

[. . .]

Some at the Clark County building have said they are exempt from the smoking ordinance because the building is operated by the county government, therefore removing it from the city's jurisdiction, Hannah said.

The building is very much inside city limits, on Court Avenue in downtown Jeffersonville.

Council attorney Larry Wilder said that because the building is in the city, it does have to follow the smoking restrictions.

You just know it had to be government employees who thought they could find a way around the rules. Nice try, though.


Bob G.
Wed, 03/18/2009 - 9:26am

Close...but NO cigar!

Michael B-P
Wed, 03/18/2009 - 10:22pm

Whoa, Smoking Weasels vs Oxygen Nazis in the Land of Squeamish. Maybe the weasels will retreat to the bunker and light 'em up while while the O-nazis regroup for a jello festival.