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Opening Arguments

Smoke 'em if you got 'em

You know where to come for the latest smoking news, don't you? First up, a guy with a serious habit:

New details tonight on the man who stopped to buy cigarettes while being pursued by the police.

The guy was allegedly on the run after a robbery, but he took the time to stop and the clerk who sold him the pack of cigarettes spoke to 3TV.

One guy was in a hurry today, dangerously weaving through traffic all over north central Phoenix.  He really wanted to get away from police, but apparently he wanted a cigarette even more.

Hey, you never know how long theswe chases are going to last -- wouldn;t want to run out. And the guy knows that as soon as he's put in the slammer, he won't be able to smoke.

And no post about bad habits would be complete without checking in on Kim Jong-il:

The North Korean capital, Pyongyang, has reportedly become the latest city to impose a smoking ban.

However, rather than being for the good of the general public, it is all about the country's leader Kim Jong-il.

The move comes after doctors advised Mr Kim to stop smoking and drinking after a recent heart operation, reports say.

"Kim's home, office and all other places he goes to have been designated as non-smoking areas," a former South Korean lawmaker said.

Imagine having to live in a dictatorship like that, in which an absolute ruler can decide what everybody else can and can't do based only on his own personal needs, desires and views.

Oh, wait . . .

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Bob G.
Thu, 07/26/2007 - 9:07am

LMAO..good one, Leo!


tim zank
Thu, 07/26/2007 - 11:21am

Amen Leo.