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Opening Arguments

The sporting life

Posted in: Hoosier lore, Sports


Steve Towsley
Sun, 02/04/2007 - 9:21am

I see you guys are leaving my posts twisting in the wind on Super Bowl Sunday, so I'm adding these stray updates to maintain life support on the blog:

First, my comment on this thread is simple and I imagine a no-brainer for us all -- If it weren't for the immense popularity school football, pro football would be about as popular as roller derby. The pros rely upon the fact that our culture is shot through with school sports to insure their own big-money viability.

Other topics:

From a current news report: "President Bush will ask Congress for close to three-quarters of a trillion dollars in defense spending on Monday, including $245 billion to cover the cost of fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan, and other elements of the 'global war on terror,' senior administration officials said yesterday."

Just something to look forward to on post-bowl Monday...........


Take a look at this weekend's editorial in the Journal-Gazette explaining that Fort Wayne's power legally rests with our officials, not the people. Are we doomed to a ballpark downtown regardless of the public will?

Cheers. Go Colts, go Peyton, stay well.