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Opening Arguments

Spud nixed

I never thought of potatoes as being especially "unhealthy," although eating them too often would be one part of a poor diet. I love potatoes. There are dozens of ways to fix them, and I can't think of a single one I dislike. But a school in Britain found one it says the government doesn't approve of:

Baked potatoes have been banned as an alternative lunchtime option in a secondary school canteen because they have been deemed not healthy enough.

Pupils have been told they cannot choose a jacket potato and filling because it falls foul of new government legislation and nutritional guidelines.

[. . .]

Instead, youngsters at the Lampard Community School in Barnstaple, Devon, will have to go with the main meal.

Whenever I didn't like the "main meal" in the high school cafeteria, I usually went with the sloppy joes. Now, that was unhealthy.

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