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Opening Arguments

Stamp acts

I failed in stamp management again, as I do every time the price goes up. I have about two weeks to use up the remaining 40-some stamps on a 100-stamp roll, then it's off to the Post Office to buy 2-cent stamps. I could buy several rolls of Forever Stamps and avoid this in the future, but I rarely use stamps these days except for bills, so that doesn't seem like a good investment.

I do like the "forever" concept, though, and it would be nice to see a lot more of it. Give me a forever price on the things I use every day, and let me get a new car at today's price even if I don't get one for five years. A forever tax rate would be nice, too, but, God knows, that will never happen. A forever age would be nice as well, but 23 would be the age I'd pick, and that ship sailed a long time ago. 


Bob G.
Mon, 04/30/2007 - 7:16am

Twenty-Three wouldn't be a "bad" age...

(I'd opt for 29...my "current" age, celebrated in anniversaries OF that age, just like Jack Benny...LOL)

...as long as we could retain all that we have learned and experienced from that age until NOW...

Think of the possibilities...!