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Opening Arguments

Stamping out jobs

Companies, rather than their workers, are usually the ones saying to a community, "Screw you, we're hitting the road":

Turned down by union workers Monday, Illinois businessman Justin Norman won't come back with a sweeter bid to buy GM's huge Indianapolis metal plant.

[. . .]

Although the vote marks a victory for defiant leaders of United Auto Workers Local 23 trying to resist wage cuts, it brings a quick end to attempts to spare the old riverside landmark from a shutdown that will widen the hole in the city's industrial tax base.

[. . .]

Many stamping plant workers expect they will find jobs in GM plants in other cities and states under the transfer rights in the UAW's master labor contract.

The thing is that if they'd voted to accept they new company's terms, they still could have gone to other GM plants, so all they did here was hurt the city and new potential employees for whom $15.50 an hour would have been a good deal, not a pay cut. Nice move.